Your Versatile Professional Voice-Over Talent

There’s no denying it: there is much more to voice work than only sounding good. A real, professional voice talent can make you feel different emotions whenever you’re watching a video or hearing an audiobook. It is important to find the right talent who can reflect the personality of your content.

Rely on me, Michelle Dyan Whitehead, for quality voice-over work. I am a professional voice talent from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada who has been narrating texts since I was a teenager, professionally trained at On The Mic (Vancouver BC). Whether you need voice-over for animations, audiobooks, video games, commercials, and corporate works, you can count on my voice—quite literally!

Various Voices for Your Different Needs

I take pride in the different voices I can make based on age range and sex. A versatile voice actor, I can do the voices of the following:

  • Children (male and female)
  • Teenager (male and female)
  • Young Adult (male and female)
  • Middle Age (female)
  • Animated Character voices including but not limited to: elven queen, Spanish speaking mom, evil male psychologist, little boy monster, etc.

My Voice Acting Background

My experience in voice-over began when I was in grade school. I’ve developed my talent as I used to be a peer tutor, reading text books and recording my voice for other students to listen to.

As I grew up, my interest for voice acting also fostered. I attended the On The Mic Training in Vancouver (aka Hollywood North) to refine my skills. Until today, I find honor being mentored by many professionals in the voice acting industry, including:

  • Erin Moon – Award Winning Audiobook Narrator/Director/Editor
  • Noel Johansen – Voice, Film, and Stage Actor
  • Michael Daingerfield – Leo Award Nominated Voice Actor (Ace Ventura)
  • Lee Tockar – Voice Actor and Visual Artist
  • Michael Adamthwaite - Behind the Voice Actors Awards Nominee
  • Brian Dobson - Behind the Voice Actors Awards Nominee
  • Karl Willems – Audio Engineer / Leo Awards Winner (2000)
  • Fiona Hogan – Voice and Film Actor

Since I pursued my passion, I never stopped learning. I'm currently studying with the following dialect coaches:

  • Spanish Dialect Coach Cynthia de Pando
  • British Dialect Coach Adrienne Smook
  • General American Dialect Coach Tony Alcantar

Let Me Do Your Voice Work

Voice-over is an important part of any content. Getting a well-trained talent to do your voice work is a wise decision.

If you want to start your new project with me, you can send me an email at Wherever you are in the world, I can help you do voice-over works in English.